Fort Minor – Remember the Name (Kaschke & Mauer Remix)

März 22, 2006
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März 22, 2006 3typen

Fort Minor – Remember the Name (Kaschke & Mauer Remix)

A year ago Herr Kaschke sat with a friend (N.Mauer who shouts on the Burnout Theme Song Re-Edit) in front of the letters on a webpage that said „remix remember the name by fort minor and win a technics 1200 turntable“ while we pushed the game „space invaders“ on my xbox1 console to the maximum.


So we decided to follow the rabbit and crank the drums through a guitaramp, record the noizes from the xbox1 space invaders arcade game (so its kinda gaming related i think 🙂 with a mic in realtime while we did the remix… We dont wanted to do a remix you dont remember and we tryed to do something special…we followed the lines of the song and just added some beatboxing and a distorted drumsset to the song and throwed everything away from the original except the acapella from mike shinoda, tak, ryu and so on…

5 month’s later

: Long forgotten that there was a contest – we received a phone call from machine shop recordings (Fort Minor Label) that we won 🙂 since this day i can play my records on a technics turntable…


: just listen to the song again and cause we cant sleep we decided to re-edit the original video and add some additional layers to it just to see if it fits to the remix…btw: we never expected to win this contest cause the quality of the other partitipants was really godlike!


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