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What about Lego ?

Befor i say something: Yes i dont like punctuation marks. LOL! Did you ever played with Lego in your childhood? What did you build with it? I build things like the Starship from Buck Rogers or Battlestar Galactica or simply Pirateships.

What was the meaning of the coloured Bricks? To build things and broke them in the next second to build another thing which comes in your Fantasy. I truly like Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy and i will borrow/play/maybebuy/playagain (in theese order 🙂 the Indiana Jones Version but i missed the deep meaning of theese red, green and blue Bricks.

(where’s the green gone? f#ck) back to the topic …. ah … yes… To create something from this

to this…

and play in theese worlds or places and decide if i made a lego deathmatch in the church above or do a gta in theese small town. The Games that exist now at theese time are wonderful cause you doesnt to have a certain age to play with it and they are wonderful like oldskool games like wintergames on commodore 64 cause i just need to play them cause they are friendly and nice 🙂 but what about playing a Game where you can create the World and Characters itself and play online with Friends in theese Worlds. Something like in the announced Game for Pc Lego Universe but some more deeper.

As i say before i like the Lego Series cause it is a little bit something of that what i called Lego at my Childhood but in a Cut Version. I want to feel free to create what i want – maybe a house, a horse or a weapon, a adventure, a fight or a race with cars….and combine all to my world and invite friends to came down to my house and play what comes in our cranky weird and funky brains… 🙂

And now the Movie…

This is a Stop Motion Video made with Lego in 1992. It shows the Music Video from the Group „Ministry“ and the Song is called „Thieves“. This Video is made by InfernoLab and not by us. Sorry for the Quality but what we upload is the Hires-Version of this Video 🙂 (All required information and links are on the moviepage) You can find more links for crazy lego stuff on youtube, google pictures and flickr (just clicky clicky linky search string is include 🙂

feel free to watch, vote and comment here again


Another nice Lego Movie about reproducing cars with lego by mrwonton91 (dont ask me why he takes this username 🙂

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