März 31, 2008 3typen


Yes we know you wanna be director of gta, but also maybe in Super Mario? Then it easy possible. Just download and fold this PaperCraft Masterpiece of Super Mario and your right sitting on the creative chairs from the industrie 🙂

Need more to play with? Then add other Levels and let your fantasy just fly until your mother step in your room and reminds you of cleaning cause your grandparents will come on weekend… And of course they will sleep in your room… LOL

Ok maybe someday you will get bored by jumping with mario from wall to wall – but wait – you can add more… something like another Mario, Bowser, Yoshi, Kirby, Heyho, Luigi, Todd, Mr. Ead and many more.

You dont like Mario? No? Doesnt really matter 🙂 Then watch theese nice Guys who did Zelda, Advance Wars, Star Trek, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, Princess Zelda, Majora’s Mask or S…(endless , they even build indiana jones with paper).

Still hungry? Watch Cubecraft and his mighty cubes…try visit Flickr or search on google pictures…

meanwhile i try to keep up cutting out the funny bunnies before i come to dogs, more bunnie, Transformerbunnies, the Grumm, more links, Weapons and Homes, the Tripons, Spaceships from the Game Elite, Starship Orion, Tron, X-Wing Fighter, Deathstar, Millenium Falcon, and finaly StarWars

some Links:

Level of Destruction

uuuuhhh!!!!!! very important 🙂 we’re eight! dont miss to congrat on this LOL


Nice that you came down and read our blog, comment heavenly and faved on our last movie and allways find the right words to say „i dont like it“ 🙂 stay as you’re we like you

Resistance is futile
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