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Gamesoundtracks – Amon Tobin Splinter Cell 3 – Chaos Theory

2005 – five years after his masterpiece „Supermodified“ Amon Tobin did a contract with Ubisoft and wrote the Soundtrack to Chaos Theory – Splinter Cell 3.

Ok its a Soundtrack and its made by Amon Tobin but what the hell is so important or special about it? First its done by Amon Tobin which is to me one of the best musicians and artists in my personal List. I am a Fan of his works and own simply every record legally 🙂 Second its not the soundtrack you expected cause it was made in the early days of adaptive music in games and Ubisoft wanted Amon Tobin to do what he’s doing on his records. And the third but most important reason for writing this is: got it completely on vinyl…and i will play the first song „Lighthouse“ (can be dl as mp3 | scroll down) on my Turntable for you!

The soundtrack on vinyl or cd is different to the soundtrack you’ll hear in the game cause most of the time the music is reacting and adapting on what you’re doing. In an Interview about his soundtrack Amon Tobin says: „Well, the music really had to integrate with the gameplay in this case. It wasn’t like I was setting out and doing an arrangement like I normally do. It was more a case of making a track and then splitting it into different layers to express a sort of stress and intensity.

The different layers get triggered as the character does different things in the game. So, for instance, in the game you won’t hear the music in the same way as you hear the cd. That’s because on the cd, all the layers are there, and they’re all playing at the same time. In the game, if the character is creeping around, you might only hear certain elements of the track. And as events happen, as things get more stressful in the game, new layers come in, and different transitions into new layers. So it’s constantly moving in the game, and changing, adapting to what you do.
“ Interview Gamespot

Some Reviews

„The Chaos Theory soundtrack is James Bond panache meets dystopian nightmare. Sure, it’s no Supermodified, but Supermodified wasn’t created to be endlessly looped behind onscreen spy ops. This isn’t a revolutionary album for Tobin but it’s a lot of fun, and works surprisingly well on its own, given the stringent requirements it had to meet.“ – Brian Howe, February 03, 2005 | Pitchforkmedia

„In 2004 video game developers Ubisoft decided to approach Amon to compose all the music for the 3rd installment of their enormously popular Splinter Cell series. Seeing as he wasn’t able to get past the second level of Splinter Cell 1, he thought that making the soundtrack would clearly be an easier way to interact with this game…“ Ninja Tune

  • 01 The Lighthouse
  • 02 Ruthless
  • 03 Theme From Battery
  • 04 Kokubo Sosho Stealth
  • 05 El Cargo
  • 06 Displaced
  • 07 Ruthless (Reprise)
  • 08 Kokubo Sosho Battle on dvd titled Kokubo Sosho Stealth(adapted from Cougar Mekin)
  • 09 Hokkaido
  • 10 The Clean Up

The tracklisting from the dual vinyl and the cd is the same. The DVD also contains all titles as aacPlus 5.1 Surround & Stereo Files.

Free download

Download the Song Lighthouse here for free (Thats the first Song on the Album and the Song which is played in our Video)


If you’re interested in Amon Tobins works you really should visit his Website. There is a new album available called „Foley Room“ wich is made from insects sounds and other experimental Stuff. (Youtube Vid)

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