August 29, 2008 3typen

Back on Duty!

After 3 days chillout at the Spree and a few Spreewaldgurken, we thought its Time to blog about our latest Adventures. We´ve put our guitars out of tune again and took a ride thru Paradise to see if there´s somethin resonable to be done. Guess what…we were successful enough for a Movie again MUAHAHAHAHA!
check the video and music at youtube


We call out a new world order,
now come and watch it breaking through these borders.
We call out the end of it all.
But the monster we created, got out of control.
And any word of sorrow, and any word of pain
got soaked up by this black hole,
only memories remain.
We call out, a new world order.
[quotes_writer]New World Order – 3typen[/quotes_writer]
As always, its available @ YouTube.

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Resistance is futile
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