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Best Game Demakes

Some great games are developed today for nintendo ds, sony psp, ps2, ps3 and xbox 360 and the wii. Also the Hombrewscene is still growing on Emulations of long gone dreams. But in the last month some of the best underground developers start a competition of demakes at Tigsource.com. Demakes are ports from now existing and new games to the past of the glory days of 8 and 16 bit consoles.

Here are some great examples…

Corner’s Shiny is a 2D-platformer and bootleg demake of the upcoming and potentially awesome MIRROR’S EDGE

Heroes in Guitarland Introscreen

Heroes in Guitarland Levelscreen

Heroes in Guitarland is a demake from Guitar Heroes with just one Song at the moment. But it looks and sounds great!!! A gameplay video by Tommy Preger: Heroes in Guitarland, made for the TIGSource Demake Competition is available at Gametrailers (Scroll Down) and Vimeo.

Large-Scale Vehicular Stealing: Grand Theft Auto Demake.

Half-Life 2D: Codename Gordon: Half-Life 2

Also available:

Demakes of Homeworld, Wolfenstein, The Internet, Super Maria Galaxy, Haze, Shadow of the Colossus, Fallout, Portal, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., WipEout and Metroid Prime.


Download all Contest-Demakes from Tigsource.com at once. Torrent client needed.

There are also a bunch of demakes available for the Gameboy like Bioshock, Burnout Revenge, Final Fantasy and Katamari.


You’ll find a list of great remakes of Aztec Challenge, Bruce Lee 2, Crystal Castles and Eagles Nest and Trust here.

The Movie

Heroes in Guitarland…

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