November 27, 2008 3typen

Some new Remixes from Digitalism, Mia and Franz Ferdinand

Hi during the last week Herr Kaschke did some remixes for several contests hosted by digitalism, Mia and Franz Ferdinand. Feel free to download and play it on your next party, watch, comment, vote, scream and spin him at beatport or add us at myspace, youtube or whatever the place is named we meet 🙂

Vote for Franz Ferdinand – Ulysses (Kaschkes 6501 Remix)
Yes we know you must create a account for this but anyway if you like it give him the honour to read your comment and earn your vote!

Vote for Mia – Mausen (Kater blofeld vermisst remix)

digitalism – taken away (H3rR k45Chk3 74k3n 4w4y R3M1x) – Video

Resistance is futile
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