Jumpgate Evolution „The only way is down“

September 7, 2009
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September 7, 2009 3typen

Jumpgate Evolution „The only way is down“

Universe is a cold place. Like a huge dark sea with a few isles here and there, shinin upon the faces of all believers. Its constandly changin its dimensions, its constandly changin its face.

We are travellers thru the emptyness of Space…Searchin the known parts of the Universe for a place to stay, a place to lay our hearts wide open.A place to build Empires and make our own History.Once we´ve been dust…once we´ll become dust again.But until then we´ll fight.We´ll fight for our History, fight for our hearts, fight for our isles in this huge, cold sea. Until the bitter end.
…however, 3typen will be watchin this while havin a few qualf sessions between the wormhole cascades or just doin some Deep Space Fishing behind the event horizon. We´re already lookin for some nice Black Hole-fishin lure, last year 3 catched a 2.5 solar mass, this year we try to break the Tolman-Oppenheimer-Volkoff limit. Hopefully no white dwarfes appear cause these things just annoy. Note to 1: Dont forget our Grav accelerators! Last year the gravitational time dilation was a pain…
Resistance is futile!
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