Dead Space 2 – Hebephrenia

Juli 28, 2010
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Juli 28, 2010 3typen

Dead Space 2 – Hebephrenia

Out there in the cold, u cant see far enough to know if u´ll be still alive in 2 Minutes. Every corner feels like the last one, every step could be the last and every door seems to stare at u. Out there in the cold fear is ur only god. Once u get 2 know this cold, u´ll carry it in ur heart, in ur soul, in every moment of ur life u´ll feel it. It will always be a part of u, it wont leave. Warm thoughts of yesterday u cant forget but no matter how hard u try u cant feel, warm blood on cold steel. Cut off their limbs…cut off their limbs…cut off their limbs…cut off…their…limbs…

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