August 26, 2009 3typen

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 „Booom!“

It´s been several years after the SAS commando finished the seperatists. All could be peaceful but again a conflict, driven by terror and rage is about to break loose. Only one man can save our lives. It´s not Obama, it´s neither Superman nor is it Stephen Hawkins. It´s the man with the golden throat, Mr. Booom himself and he´s ready for some serious, dominatin law enforcement. More bad guys, more flashlights, more ammo, more fire and more power.

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The extremely limited Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 triple platinum collectors edition features a 1:1 figurine of Mr. Booom himself and is already sold out.

3typen present, based on a true story, Booom…a shot thru the heart.

watch Mr.Booom! @ youtube, vimeo and badjoystick

Resistance is futile!
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